Polimoda Taster Class: Old and new skills in the fashion industry of tomorrow

Följ med på en ”Taster class” med Niccolò Sbaraglia, föreläsare på världsberömda modeskolan Polimoda i Florens, Italien. Temat är ”Old and new skills in the fashion industry of tomorrow”  

”Fashion is one of the most fast-paced industries in the world, connected as it is to the evolution of societies in every aspect of human nature, from technology to contemporary art. 

 In a subtle equilibrium between tradition and innovation, Fashion therefore faces the continuous challenge of interpreting a dynamic reality, and adapting its rhythm, philosophies, processes, statements and goals to it, without losing its very essence. 

 Catching the Zeitgeist long before others, this is what Fashion professionals are asked to do today. Whether they belong to business, design or communication departments, whether they collaborate with fashion moguls or niche start-up, whether they produce industrial replicas or artisanal luxury items, being trendsetters while remaining concrete is what makes the difference in today’s fashion careers scenario. 

 This interactive 45-minutes presentation by Niccolò Sbaraglia, an insider from the industry with an extensive experience on the field, is aimed to investigate how the request of old and new skills and talents is shaping new educational models to answer industries’ needs for tomorrow.


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